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I'm outta here [WAS] Re: Mind your language Rahul -please

On Fri, 09 Mar 2001 at 18:28, Rahul Jindal <rahulj@xxxxxxxxxxxx> chittered thus:

=> if that displeased any body here, i take it back.

	It (The language - not the intent of the mail) didn't displease me.


		Oh yeah - it did not displease anyone. Which was why someone
took the trouble to send out an email to the entire list, saying : "I dont
like this language - Please stop using it". Geezus.


	A self-righteous attitude gets one nowhere.

	</random quote>

=> we use this for anything foo in our college. thats it.

	I slept with my bathroom light turned on last night, and I woke up
with a stomach-ache. So from now on, I shall not get stomach-ache's if(and
only if) I turn off the bathroom lights before sleeping. 

		What a brilliant piece of reasongin! Bravo!

	You bring a bad name to the College Student community.

	Remember that one does not have to be right, *all* the time. What
differentiates the wise from the stupid is the character to accept one's
faults and apologise.


	Okay - I re-subscribed to LIG after ~2 years, only when I heard
Thaths was quitting, and I wanted to voice my comments about it. Having
achieved the purpose, I hung out on the list hoping against hope hopen
(poetic license) that LIG wasn't what it was when I last quit. I'm sorry to
see that its only worse. I do not blame anyone single person, but suffice it
to say that the list has degenerated to a sorry state, and truthfully, I
simply cannot handle this volume of email.

	One comment before I leave is this: By what I saw over the last
month that I was watching - Most people need to stop pointing fingers at
others, and start *doing* something for the community. Remember that writing
complex perl scripts to automate complex procedures is not the only, or
"right" way to contribute. Even talking to your neighbor and getting them to
check out Linux is an equal contribution, IMHO. Start off by reading the
Evangelism HOWTO...

	So long and thanks for all the fish. Though I would prefer to not be
contacted at all, do remember that I will be unsubscribed from the list in a
few more minutes, and available at <ravi@xxxxxxxxxxx> for any mud-slinging
that anyone might be interested in.



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