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Re: A Suggestion

Nagarjuna G. rearranged electrons thusly:

> But, when the question arises to whom should the domian (such as
> city.linux-india.org.in) be given, we will end up in a problem.
> Atul's problem, as I understand, is precisely this.  In such a

Exactly.  This is especially so when the LUG listing on the linux-india.org
website is construed as "official recognition" of the LUG.

> I would like to know if something is escaping my attention.  One
> problem can be to know how REAL is the split?  It is here possibly LI

Why should the LUGs be "recognized" at all?  They are LUGs, that is, they are a
body of people meeting regularly to discuss linux.  So, viewpoints and opinions
can (and will) differ when a thorny question like "registration" (or city-wise
subdomains) gets attached to the existence of a LUG.  

> may have to spare some thought before deciding or recognising the
> different groups.  What problems would arise if LI does as I suggested
> above?
None that I can see, unless two lugs in a city both decide to call each other
by the same name (like what happened in each split of the congress party).


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