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Re: Re: Re: The LUGs in India

Suresh Ramasubramanian wrote:

> ragOO was fully justified in raising the issue of ilug-cochin's 
> website / subdomain here - but not in the words he used.

I understand and take back all the strong words used in the
course of me jack-hammering Atul on the issue of the DNS
re-direction of the ILUG-Cochin main pages to a page in
Exocore's/Atul's domain.  I take back all the harsh words used
against Atul despite his mischief in bumping us off from the LI
main page as far back as Oct 2000.  I stand up and say that he
did this deliberately to hurt us for voting against participating
in ITCom 2000 as a Group.  Our stand, still remains clear and 
vehement in saying that we have more things to do and achieve
than what we gain by attending these Mega melas/IT shows.

Not a single 'Communicating and Founding member' stood up for us
and defended us fully knowing that we were taken off from the
main LI page.  Most of the members' here were irked by the silence
of our peers in this blatant and wild act done by one of their
own kin.  Are we, the LUGiees here at Kochi; not yours' because
we said NO ?  Do you mean than we should have enough reasons to
fight amongst ourselves so that we get bumped off for that ?

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