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Re: IITK Linux mirror

Hi Ruchir,

I don't really know anyone at IITD, but will try to make some contacts
and throw the idea at them.  Thanks for the suggestion.

I'd also mailed this idea to India-GII, which I can't post to for some
reason.  Arun happily ignored my message and then put the idea up as
his own a couple of days later... I hate politics!

Would it be OK if I requested you to redirect mail to India-GII from
me since I can't post directly?


-- Raju

>>>>> "Ruchir" == Ruchir Tewari <ruchir_tewari@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Ruchir> Raju, how about doing the same at IIT-Delhi ?  could you
    Ruchir> find out from the CS dep there or talk to linux-delhi
    Ruchir> friends who may be at IITD ?

    Ruchir> this below is a great idea and the argument should be used
    Ruchir> more often to reduce rates for bandwidth for networks
    Ruchir> internal to india.  currently the internal bandwidth is
    Ruchir> charged at the same rate as that of international links,
    Ruchir> which is truly exhorbitant and this is greatly impeding
    Ruchir> the growth of the internet in India.

    >> In fact, you could armtwist VSNL into giving you another 2mbps
    >> for the mirror at highly reduced rates since your traffic will
    >> be within India itself and not impacting their international
    >> bandwidth (except for the mirror updates, which shouldn't
    >> exceed more than a 9.6Kb/s at the outermost).

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