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Re: WebServer


       One of the original HTTP servers. 

       Currently the de-facto standard Web server. Freely available. 

       A extremely well designed freely available high-performance Web
       CERN's new HTTP/1.1 compliant Web server. Written in Java, freely

5)Java Web Server 
       Formerly named Jeeves. JavaSoft's Web server implementation. 

     A small single threaded concurrent HTTP server. Freely available. 

       The Tiny/Turbo/Throttling HTTP server. Not full featured,
       commercial. Allows server administrator to specify maximum byte
       transfer rate on groups of URLs. 

8)Roxen A commercial Web server written in Pike, and interpreted
        language.Formerly known as Spinner. 

9)Zeus  A commercial Web server with excellent performance. 

10)Netscape Enterprise 
       Netscape's feature rich Web server, supported on both NT and UNIX

11) WWWserver
        very small experimental tcl based Http server

12) chttpd 
           a very small / portable webserver. It's
             an improvement off of dhttpd       
13) dhttpd 
           Personal Web Page Server

          A simple web page server intended for personal usage.
                Among it's features, dhttpd supports cached browsers,
                customized error messages, and low profile memory
                usage and little hard disk space.  Nice code for
                peeking at the internal workings of an http daemon.
                Known to compile and run on both Linux and SunOS.

14) Dune Webserver

             A simple webserver for Linux, intended for personal use.
                Its features include:
                - Minimal use of resources
                - Customizable error messages
                - Logging
                - Multiuser, so that anyone can have ~/public_html (can be
                  changed also) and serve their own pages.

15)CERN httpd 3.0 binary with term support

       This version of CERN httpd built with term support. Intended
                for use as a proxy server for people who cannot get
                netscape to work directly over term. Use proxy options
                in netscape to point at httpd on local host, httpd will
                use term to access the WWW.

16)httpd 1.3R server
            NCSA's Hypertext WWW server, complied for gnu/linux

17)The Locomotive Application Server

               Production-ready, scalable web application server
               environmentfor building sophisticated, dynamic web sites.  Runs on Java 1.1, 1.2, or
               1.3, is completely Java Servlet 2.1 compliant, supports
               several JavaServer Pages (JSP) 1.0 libraries, comes with a built-in web server (you can 
               optionally use the Locomotive with Apache or other popularweb servers),
               and has database integration for quickly creating a web application.

               Frontend for the mathopd personal web server
               A easy-to-use web serving package.

           Smart Cache is full featured proxy cache server.
                Can cache ANY pages and make them available for offline

20) shellver
            Small and simple www server written in bash, running from

            World Wide Web Offline Explorer
             A proxy HTTP/FTP server for computers with dial-up internet
                - Caching of pages viewed while connected for review
                - Browsing of cached pages while not connected, with the
                  to follow links and mark other pages for download.
                - Downloading of specified pages non-interactively.
                - Monitoring of pages for regular download.
                - Multiple indices of pages stored in cache for easy
                - Interactive or command line option to select pages for
                  individually or recursively.
                - All options controlled using a simple configuration file
                  with a
                  web page to edit it.

22)  serveez -  a webserver recently(2001) launched under gnu/gpl

and lot more


Alex M Alex

On Mon, 5 Mar 2001, J.Sivakumar wrote:

> Hi all,
> Is there any other webserver other than Apache in Linux?
> With thanks
> Siva
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