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Re: Linux on an iBook- successful

On Sun, 4 Mar 2001, Krishnan Venkatachalam wrote:

> We (Rahul Handa and I) managed to get Linux working on an iBook
> yesterday. I thought I would share some of the experience with the list.

congrats, and also for writing a fine article. Hope someone adds it to the
growing list of ilug howtos. I remember having a terrible time installing
Debian2.2r2 on a 8550 not so long ago. It was hard trying to find the
command+option+p+r part since the debian-ppc list people cannot even dream
that someone might not know that (seems it's like ctrl+alt+del for the
mac, only better). The problem was in setting ybin to work (yaboot works
only for new macs) and the ybin author had helped me out. Linux rocks on
the PPC, but there's no StarOffice (you can't show it off to people who
are still learning LaTeX/gnucash).