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Re: Evil Designs by a _noble_ soul ?

Atul Chitnis posts:

> I have had enough of this pathetic whining, and have 
> removed the entry for cochin.linux-india.org altogether.

Pathetic whining, you never thought that this would take a 
turn like this !  You think that the Kochi Group is a pathetic
lot; that is why you have arbitrarily removed us from the main
Linux India page.  May I ask you as to how you got these powers ??

> The reasons for the original redirection (a split into two factions
> by the Cochin LUG over participation in IT.COM, and LI's 
> unwillingness to be seen supporting either faction over the other)
> are clearly documented in ilug-cochin's mailing list on eGroups.

This is utter falsehood.  The majority decision was not to participate as 
a Group but to volunteer individually at ITCom 2000.  The decision was
a local LUG one and LI has to just go by the local LUG decision.  There 
was no split on this in the Cochin Group.  Can you please elaborate on how
the decision to bump us off was taken ?  You cannot wish us away to just
disappear.  This was not posted to the Group mailing list and you are 
lying.  I say Atul Chitnis is a *liar* and a third-rate at that.  Come on
Atul, you can never take a decision for the local LUG here at Cochin. 
The mailing list is just a fora for discussion but the real voting takes
place on the floor of the meet venue.  You cannot interpret the mood of the
members of a Group by watching its Mailing List.

> I am no longer interested in becoming some people's favourite scapegoat
> for the ills of this world.

Nobody has made you a scapegoat.  Can your actions in bumping us off, even 
before the process of LI-Reg having been completed, be justified ?  You are
seen taking things into your own hands and dispensing off with favours.
You seem to say, "Look JJ/ragOO, if you do not listen to what I say and if 
you do not participate as a Group; you are going to see real *bad* things".
You are acting childish !

> "President" Rag00 no longer has *any* reason to post such offensive, 
> disruptive, insulting and politically motivated messages on the
> LI lists as he has for years.

I request listers to go back in time, if you have the time and inclination;
read the Archives and see for yourselves as to who is insulting whom.  As you 
have branded me as your "President", I request you to be my "SideKick" and
to answer only to the issues raised herein.  Otherwise you are bound to
stand banished...rather shall we say bumped off ?? ;-))

> I request all of you to take the same stand. If he (as we all know he will)
> comes back with the usual garbage (as he has for years), it will be up to 
> the community to decide on the merits of his spewings.

The listers know best as to what stand they should take !!  I will come back
again and again to this list and say what has to be said.  Atul says that
ragOO has been spewing garbage, I request listers to just say who has been
raising 'relevant' issues and I will heed to that.  I have never said 'garbage'
all these years and this can be verified.  If at all, I spoke hard of 
something/some issue, it was not of a personal nature.  The list maintained
a studied silence and was observing all along.  Some listers were seen keeping
silent, more of a *hands off* policy as this involved local LUG issues, read 
Politics.  Atul, can you deny the fact that you are not interested in playing
chess with real users' here in Cochin as pawns ?

> establish a "giant-killer" reputation for the attacker (and no, I do not 
> consider myself a giant)

Do not see me as the attacker of this "giant".  I am raising a issue which is
relevant to this list; how can a person sitting in Bangalore bump us off without
sending/serving notice ?  He, the All Powerful (tm),  could have still maintained
status quo.  Bump us off at a later stage, say after the process of completion
of LI-Reg after serving clear notice; if we do not toe, not His, but LI's line.

> I will continue to do my bit for Linux whenever I can, and wherever I am
> allowed to. This includes participation in discussions about *Linux* on
> this list.

Do your bit for GNU/Linux by helping/sharing and not bumping. You have done
a lot of help to Linux-India even at the expense of your huge *Ego*.  You are
seen as the *Holy Sacrificial Lamb*.

Keeping the  Air-Waves FREE.........Amateur Radio
Keeping your Software  FREE.........GNU Project
Keeping the  W W W     FREE..Debian GNU/${kernel}