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Re: [LI] Linux India and Debian

On Fri, Nov 26, 1999 at 10:50:13AM +0530, Atul Chitnis wrote:
> The issue was *not* about a Debian-only list - as I have said before, no
> one objects to that. The issue was about "ILUG-DEBIAN", which is *not*
> acceptable. LI does *not* cater to separate distros or permit this kind of
> segregation.

"Permit" is a strong word. No one has a copyright on the words "LUG"
or "ILUG" AFAIK. You probably meant "disapprove".

Here is an interesting thought from a FreeBSD Vs Linux thread
on the net:

> Has anyone considered that now might be the time to stop associating
> ourselves with the open source "movement" -- or any movement, for that
> matter, and simply present ourselves as a viable peer of the commercial
> operating systems? Presenting ourselves as the production refinement of
> the research that finished in the 80's at Berkley seems a much better
> (and salable) spin than presenting ourselves as 'more open' than Linux
> or squabbling over licensing and the desktop.

Did anyone say world domination ?