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Re: need VCD player that plays movies in fullscreen

you can play in full screen in xine,
#xine -pfhq vcd://1
will do that for you

i guess you will be havinng xmms installed , that can
play just about any format, to play vcd dont mount the
vcd and enter vcd:/dev/cdrom in location field when
you press ctrl+l , you will need smpeg-xmms installed
for this which is there in your linux dist.


--- Yash Dayal <yash_dayal@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> hi folks !
> me searching for a player which can play VCD's in
> fullscreen mode (like in 
> Windows MEdia Player!!) ...  tH closest i found was
> mtv...but these people 
> are not free.....
> can anybody suggest something.
> I have also downloaded xine...put even that does not
> play in fullscreen...do 
> i need to configure anything....
> Yash Dayal
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