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Re: vsnl refuses smtp relay and linux box at home suffers

Ajit Ranade wrote:

my isp is vsnl, and they want all "From:" fields to say vsnl.net.in or
vsnl.com. else no relay. that's why this email has a fictitious user@bom7
blah blah.

You mean they check *both* sender IP and sender domain? Why would they want this, as an ISP, they are well placed to use Sender IP.

when called, their helpdesk engineers ask me "Outlook or netscape?" (sort
of like "veg or non veg?". i said "pine". they said shell a/c cannot be
used from home. i said no, no, no,.. i have a tcp/ip account but i use
pine from a linux box.

This is hilarious. "Sir, you should have called before Mar 2000, we no longer sell shell accounts. No sir, we do not support mail programs like Linux, is this a Mac program? What, you insist you can still use pine? HACKER ALERT!!"

ouch! anti spam policies are hurting genuine vsnl linux-at-home users. is
that the same story with other isp's?

I am still not clear.  What is the enforced policy now?