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Re: Samba Config

Dear Jasmeet,
What I tried and got successfull is here.

Firstly create the machine account of Linux PC on windows NT PDC by going in
Server Manager. And add the computer to domain as windows NT worrkstation.

Now on your linuxpc edit following entries in /etc/smb.conf file

workgroup = domainname
encrypt password = yes
password file = /etc/smbpasswd
domain controller = NT PDC Netbios name

Come out of smb.conf & issue following commands

samba restart
smbpasswd -j domainname -r NTPDC_Netbiosname

& you will get a message as follows

Joined domain domainname

Hope it works
Vivek Khare

"Jasmeet S. Virdi" wrote:

> Hi All,
>         i am not able to get my one linux box on a windows domain, i can't
> figure out what's wrong...
> i configure everything as mentioned in the example smb.conf file, even then
> cud somebody list out the essential things i shud check for ...
> or u want me to post my smb.conf ??
> please
> -js
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