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Re: Print Server.

I set up the exact same system at IIM Calicut two years back. What I have is
a print server running linux, and a network if win 9x machines logging into
a samba server. 

Configuration works like this : All users must login to the samba domain to
have access to the printer (trivial to do). They can even be logging into a
pure NT domain - the samba server on the printer server can authenticate
against it. I have written some perl scripts which parse the
contents of the print job to determine the number of pages, and
automatically log the entry. 

At the end of the month, another scripts sums up the number of pages printed
by each user, and a (third) script sends a formatted email to everyone for
the total bill.

The only restriction here is the printer. This setup will only work with a
POSTSCRIPT printer. It can be hacked for non-postscript printers as well (by
redirecting via ghostscript), but I fear that would be messy.

Let me know if you are interested, the scripts have been running two years,
and actually let us reduce the cost to students from 2 bucks per page, flat
rate, and a huge amount of inconvenience, to anything from 75p to 1.25 per
page, without having to worry about tracking number of pages etc. The costs
are variable to reflect actual usage, type of prints etc. You can
potentially fine tune the scripts further by performing variable costs based
on the economode, printer resolution etc. etc. Lots of good stuff.

I don't want money ;) 


On Sun, Aug 26, 2001 at 04:13:01AM +0530, Sunny Holani wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> 	I'm in the process of installing a print server here at
> IIM-Calcutta. The way it works is that students pay money for the print
> accounts by cheque/cash, and the balance amount for each student is
> manually updated into a file on the server. Print requests are sent to the
> server from PCs in hostel rooms, and for each page printed-Rs. 2 is
> deducted from their accounts. The system currently works using a
> proprietary solution on Netware.
> 	Is there a program/perl script anyone knows that can do the
> same/similar stuff on linux using lprng? Does anyone want to write it?
> Have money, will pay.
> So Long,
> Sunny.
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