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Linux based proxy

<Not a Squid or MS-Windows expert> It should be possible to setup an
external program for proxy authentication which uses Samba or some
such facility to authenticate users against a Windows Domain
Controller with Squid.

For Proxy Suth setup, see:


For a ready-made SMB-based authentication program, see:


Fascinating what you can find if you look in the right place, isn't
it? :-)


-- Raju

>>>>> "Jasmeet" == Jasmeet S Virdi <virdi@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Jasmeet> Hi all, I want a linux based proxy for windows clients.

    Jasmeet> i mean that the proxy server wud be running on linux, and
    Jasmeet> all the clients wud be windows, is it possible in the
    Jasmeet> first place??  if yes then how can i take care of
    Jasmeet> authentication and stuff (i want only domain users to
    Jasmeet> access it..)

    Jasmeet> please suggest possible solutions.. (somebody said
    Jasmeet> squid...)

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