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problem in booting

Dear Sir,
I have i810 motherboard,with AMIBIOS. When I boot
after long time, I get following error:
CMOS Settings Wrong.
Press F1 to Run Setting.
Press F2 to load default values and continue.

If I press F1 and I can see that date has been
If I exit from BIOS setting without changing any
setting for CPU, then while booting it gives following
error message:
Wrong CPU speed selected.
Now there is no provision to change the CPU speed.
Only thing here I can change is overclocking. What I
do is press page down once and then page up to revert
back to old setting.
Now when I exit from BIOS setting and reboot, the
computer boots properly.
After booting once successfully, if I reeboot, I get
no problem and the booting process is through.

If I press F2 after error message above, and load
Linux (PCQ Linux 7.1), it gives error in loading USB
module and Sound module.

Please help, to get rid of the problem.

Rana Biswas

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