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RE: Yet another Coutdown

could any body explain why on Sept 8, 2001
I thought the time stamp was 10 digit since October 10, 2000

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Subject: [linux-delhi] Yet another Coutdown


The unix time() value will rollover
to 10 digits for the first time in
modern computer history starting
Saturday Sept 8th,2001. The
timestamp will be 10 digits long,
and not 9.

Here's a short Perl script to
compute the time left:

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use strict;

my $now=time();
my $target='1000000000';
- $now);
my $now_string=localtime(time());
my $target_string=localtime($target);
my $message=qq{today is $now_string\n$mon months $dom days $hrs
hours $min minutes $sec seconds left till U1e9
print $message;

found on ugu list

Jaswinder Singh Kohli
The Uni(multi)verse is a figment of its own imagination.
In truth time is but an illusion of 3D frequency grid programs.

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