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Virtual Vs. real IP hosting.

There could be two reasons I can think of off-hand why you'd want to
have a site on its own IP:

1.  Allow HTTPS (SSL) connections.  SSL doesn't recognise software
virtual servers and needs its own IP for each server.

2.  Allow a virtual anonymous FTP server with a complete hierarchy.
FTP doesn't recognise software virtual servers either.

Apart from this there could be other minor reasons, like a POP3 server
which listens on its own IP, support for HTTP 1.0 clients, etc.


-- Raju

>>>>> "Amit" == Amit Soni <amitsoni@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Amit> Hi!  Theres been a lot of talk about the virtual hositng
    Amit> control panels. (this should get some attention) ! ;o)

    Amit> Wat I wanna know is...is there actually an advantage in
    Amit> keeping a website on a real IP rather than a virtual ip ?

    Amit> I mean why should anyone buy a real IP for his/her website,
    Amit> when ther isnt any difference to the end user.

    Amit> was this offtopic btw ?

    Amit> rgds, Amit.
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