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Red Hat/windows

hi !

I had red hat  and windows in 1 of my puters till recently.
then as expected windows got bad.
now wat my brother did was he reinstalled windows...windows erased the lilo
boot !
now to recover lilo boot...instead of the loadlin...he rebooted the system
with the red hat cd. and did a minimum install...assuming that all the rest
of the red hat will remain the same and the lilo will be re-written.
and ofcoz the minimum installed programs will also be overwritten.
he did not do a partion format...asked at the time of red hat installation.

is my red hat data still there ? i had lots of it ! :o(

the red hat still isnt booting...bcoz i think he forgot to mention...that
default boot partition should be linux.

I need to know this very urgently !!!

do i need to tell u anything else?