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Oracle 8i automation

Hi List,
 I have oracle 8i installed on a  linux box, Working fine,
But whenever the server reboots..., i have to start "dbstart1" & "lsnrctl
start" (dbstart1 ?? will explain shortly..) manually after logging as oracle8i
as a user. (i have set oracle8i as admin to that)
Now here  interesting thing is dbstart did't work for me at first
then one of  my friend (Dheeraj Anand) told me that it's corrupted..., Is it
true ? (with package itself how it is possible ?)
Now  then i write the dbstart1 as ..
svrmgrl << EOF
connect internal
working coool.
Now my questions are ..

1. Why the dbstart does't work .. ( which is package itself.. weird)?
2. How can i automate oracle to start automatically after every reboot.
   I can't put in /etc/rc.d/rc.local as it's root privileges... AFIK &  oracle
   runs from oracle account only. i can't put it in cron etc,,, becoz it's not
   certain  when the server will reboot & things like that. ?

Please Help !

Thanks & regards,