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Re: Minix Ideas/Suggestions Anyone...

             There are three ways of experimenting
with MINIX on (win95 + Linux) installation:

1. You may use Bochs pentium emulator for
Windows/Linux http://bochs.sourceforge.net and an
image for MINIX called B30M.Z 
. So there is no need for any partitioning.

2. Read the article "Minix under MS-DOS"
http://minix1.hampshire.edu/faq/dostest.html and do
the needful. Again no need for partitioning.

3. Install MINIX in its own partition. But suppose,
you have dedicated two partitions to Windows (primary
and extended) and two partitions to linux
(Linux-native and Linux-swap). In such a case, if
Linux-swap partition is large enough (atleast 30 MB),
then you may use it to install MINIX. This will be
possible since we will tell Linux to use a file in
linux-native partition as swap space. So that the
Linux-swap partition will be rendered useless for
Linux and may be used for other purposes. 
    Following are the steps:
    a) Login as root in linux and issue the following
           # dd if=/dev/zero of=/swapfile bs=1024
           (This creates a 64MB file named swapfile
under /. To use this file as swap space, we need to
initialise it.)
           # mkswap /swapfile 65536
           (Now we need to tell Linux to use this file
as swap space.)
           # swapon /swapfile

    b) Edit the startup scripts to tell linux to use
/swapfile as swap space, everytime Linux boots. On
Redhat 7.1 it is as simple as editing /etc/fstab and
changing the entry for swap space as /swapfile.

    c) Install MINIX on the Linux-swap partition.

    d) Start Linux, login as root & edit the file
/etc/lilo.conf and add the following lines:
           other=your minix partition here,
    e) run lilo.
           # lilo

Now LILO can boot win95/Linux/Minix.

--- Andrew John <andrewljohn@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi,
> I was just wondering how many of us has dabbled
> with MINIX.
> If any have ideas about installing Minix on a
> a dual boot Linux+win95 system please let me onto
> some tips n tricks...
> Could I somehow mount the minix os on some part
> of the existing Linux system without any disasterous
> partitioning? Or could I partition a live Linux
> partition
> like we did with fips ?
> regards
> Andrew
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