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Re: CNAME with port number

Hi Yash!

DNS is _not_ responsible for handling rewuest for anything other than
name to ip-address  and ip-address to name translation. After this
information is given to the client, the job for BIND is finished.

What you require is an application specific need, the solution would
vary according to the type of application that you want to use ...

For example, for web requests, you would need an actual wev server
listening on foo.com:80 which forwards the request to

- Sandip

On Mon, Jul 23, 2001 at 11:57:03AM +0530, Yashpal Nagar thus spake:
> Hi list,
>   Is it possible in NAMED/BIND to  forward some request to some specific host
> with a particular port no. e.g
> The request for host foo.com should go to newfoo:9128 host.
> regards,
> Yash
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