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Re: [Fwd: RE: Controlled Bandwidth to clients]


My mothertongue is Punjabi and I like eating idli and dosa.

Bye for now,

>>>>> "saket" == saket  <saketd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    saket> Hi , my mothertounge is also marathi & i too like upma.
    saket> Hey have u tried computing in marathi / running linux in
    saket> marathi , if u have pass the info to me so i could make my
    saket> aaji & ajoba & cousins to use the comp.

    saket> Saket Deshmukh

    saket> -------- Original Message -------- From: "Harshal Vaidya
    saket> (CTS)" <HarshalV@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> Subject: RE:
    saket> [linux-delhi] Controlled Bandwidth to clients To:
    saket> "'upma@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'" <upma@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

    saket> Hi , just wanted to say i like your name in marathi which
    saket> is my mother tongue 'upma' is a delicious food dish :)

    saket> -- Harshal

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