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Re: Blocking pornographic sites

    I believe you should allow the user to give you feedback on mails they
want to block and then block those mails on per user basis. Also, you
should think about ensuring disk quotas(especially for deactivated logins ,
and include this in your service contract) as when the deactivated people
lose mail after their quotas are full they cannot complaint. However if you
block certain mails and  do block some  non-spam important mail (by
mistake), the customer would certainly be lost and you may be even sued (
OK, this is far fetched, but cyber cases are just starting in india and who


Mithun Bhattacharya wrote:

> Another suggestion possibly not what you are looking for - what if you
> just made a tar ball and removed the user directory. All you would need
> to do then is keep a inventory of which user went into which tape. Since
> the tapes are getting filled up depending on date you can cycle the
> tapes based on what is the max time a user can stay deactivated.
> I just feel very uncomfortable thinking about someone blocking my emails
> without my consent that's all.
> Mithun
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