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Hi there,
read the readme.txt
create account.txt and share.txt
when you want to run your satellite type this:
./AGSatellite 21
the 1st number is the IP address for the server and
the other the port.
this thing is buried somewhere deep in the
FAQ's I found it after 3 hours on IRC and a lot of
then log onto the website and choose the songs u
want to dload.
it will say quite a few time(on the website) that ur
satellite isn't working - when it actually is - but
dont worry it is b'coz of the high load they have.
and you dont have to be connected to the web
interface to dload songs - just activate the satellite
with the above command line and it will dload the
songs. it's really fast once it maked the ftp
connection to the desired location.
ya - dont disable ftp connections going out and
into ur comp!
have fun
saurabh nanda

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