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Re: Re: [LIH] Procmail recipe for MIME mail

* Raju Mathur [linux-india] <14/07/01 09:21 +0530>:
> Hmm, that wouldn't work since formail automatically puts the
> header/body seperator (a blank line) at the end of the headers it
> generates.  As it so happens, I need the formail functionality as well
> as the MIME-handling part, and I need it to be transparent to the user
> (so that HTML as well as text is handled automatically and
> appropriately).
Ouch.  Looks like a little digging would do the trick :)  Or search for perl
scripts which do autoresponses ... I guess you could dispense with formail
(if all you want to do is add the Precedence: junk header)

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