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Re: audiogalaxy satellite

Hey Yash,
what the hell u talkin' bout man!!
--- yash <yash_dayal@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> i think u are not downloading from the right people.
> As far the downloading on audiogalaxy is
> concerned....only click on those
> links where there is a satellite dish  antenna
> displayed in the link (check
> near the availability status). If there is a
> satellite dish  antenna this
> means the user is online. 
The satellite icon over there is to select the most
popular bitrate/version of the song written in front
of it. if u select it - it will automatically choose
the best bitrate and song version for u. click on  the
satellite icon and then click on the song name to
enque the song.
as for how to connect to audiogalaxy i told it in the
there is some weird IP no and port u have to specfy at
the command line to connect. check it out - its there
in the FAQ's
I have dloade 6 songs as of now - once the connection
is established it supersonic.
saurabh nanda

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