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Re: Miguel de Icaza set to embrace .NET

chpant>> However, could you please suggest a few, so that I
chpant>> can delete the remaining single
chpant>> windoze partition( wasted 1GB /20 GB HDD) from my pc
chpant>> and use it for something
hmm... let me bet that mos tof that 20Gs are free anyways.. hehe...
dont worry yaar... i dont have win on my system either...(my dads laptop
has it tho... which is where i send my outlook mails from)
i know it sucks... hehe... just playing the devils advocate..

hmm... try mswordview... console mode... very efficient.
staroffice,abiword,corel etc are some commercial s/s that read m$ files.
or my favourite play thing... run MS office in linux thru wine(yes boys
and girls... it can now run it)


Ignorance is bliss.. u know that dont you?