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Re: Solaris-Linux Dual boot

Hi puneet,

yes. linux swap partion will use the solaris swap partion. because one os is working at a time. there could be three os as you are planning.


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Subject: [linux-delhi] Solaris-Linux Dual boot
Date: Mon, 9 Jul 2001 11:54:13 +0530

Hi everyone,

We have a machine with solaris 2.6 and Win NT partitions (3GB each). We
wanted to install Redhat 7.0 on the third partition. But both the Disk
Druid and fdisk show (or rather detect) the solaris partition as linux
swap (of size 3GB). Why is this so?
If we install Redhat would linux use the solaris partition for swap

Thanks in Advance,
Puneet Parashar
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