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Re: My Small ISP prob

On Fri, Jul 06, 2001 at 06:03:39PM +0530, manish k arya wrote:
>    i had set up my LINUX box for dailin from outside world and get a ppp connection to my box from ne remote machine. using mgetty on ttyS1 port
>    i am using acua for creating users, but i wish to authenticate users via som mysql database, how can i do this? also how can i get accountin and logs information.
>       but the problem is that i need a dedicated modem for this process, i mean that when i try to connect to internet i get message device in use/locked
>     same message when i try to send faxes from my system
>      is there ne solution for this
>at present i have to disable i dialin setup before connetin to net or sending faxes
If i get what u r trying to do!
then u will need two modems.
One for dialing out
and the other for ppl dialin to u.
when u configured mgetty to use the ttyS1 
the modem gets locked cuz its expecting calls.
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