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Re: ETRN + Dynamic IP address

Hi Sandip ,
We also have a mailserver with multiple ISP connections and all dynamic IPs. We resolved the problem of the DNS by taking an account from TZO (www.tzo.com) , one of the many dynamic DNS services out there. They have an app that sends your IP to their DNS at intervals that you specify, our server is on Win2k but they do have a linux app also. The other service we avail from the same company is Mail store and forward. In this case you assign your domains MX to them and all the mail for the domain goes to them and gets collected in your account. As soon as your machine is online and their app sends the online signal to them , your email comes in to your machine. Works very well , have been using it for 12 domains for almost 1 year now. With multiple domains , the best thing to do is assign all their MX records to the one TZO gives you and when the email comes in , use your mail server to parse for different domains etc.
- Ankur.

At 07:44 PM 6/29/2001, you wrote:
I have a queer question here.

I have an online sendmail server which is handling several servers. I want to
fetch mails for a single domain through ETRN. Now I have a dialup, from where
I want to send periodic authenticated ETRN requests using fetchmail to
trigger the mailserver  into sending mails to our local server.

Now the problem is that since we have a dynamic IP, we can't put the address
in our DNS MX address.

Any ideas from people who have used this setup??

- Sandip

Sandip Bhattacharya
sandipb @ bigfoot.com

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