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Printing has stopped after making changes to machine's name.


In Red Hat 7.1 we changed the name of the machine from the GUI provided
under system admin and printing stopped thereafter.

We restarted LPD, recreated the printer , yet the printing does not work.

Please advise .

Thank you.

Prithu Nath

NewTech Solutions
D-35, Gulmohar Park
New Delhi - 110 049, India
Tel : +91-11-6523281 ; 6518102
Fax: +91-11-6518102

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hi fellas,
check this out - our dear old penguin -tux, has now become a microsoft
bashing, world saving super hero.
and read the six issues of the comic out there. THEY ARE REALLY GOOD!!
have fun,
bye saurabh nanda

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