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June ILUG-D Meet

Hi everyone,

The June ILUG-D Meet was held at the Sarai complex today (June 17, 2001).

Some topics covered were:
.  Talk about smtp servers: ISP's or your own?
.  Discussion on Sandip Bhattacharya's "Linux for schools/colleges/corporates"
     idea. Some good points were raised and discussed. I would request Sandip
     to please post a summary to the list. It has been proposed that we create
     a separate mailing list for this purpose so that work on this can continue
     on it. Raju are you listening ;-) ??
.  General discussions on some people's config issues etc...
.  Finally, the discussion veered towards qmail and Sandip generously agreed to
     give a demo and proceeded to do a great job of it.
.  At around 5:30p everone left and the Meet came to an end.

List of people who attended is:
S.No.	Name			E-mail
(1)	Rakesh Sharma		rks@xxxxxxxx
(2)	Mayank Sharma		rks@xxxxxxxx
(3)	Vineet Pruthi		vineetpruthi@xxxxxxxxx
(4)	Vipul Mathur		vipul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
(5)	Sandip Bhattacharya	sandipb@xxxxxxxxxxx
(6)	Yashpal Nagar		nagar_yash@xxxxxxxxx
(7)	Pankaj Kaushal		penguinhead@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
(8)	Naveen Dhaukhar		naveen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
(9)	Amit Saxena		my_email@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
(10)	Nagappan		nagappan@xxxxxxxxxxxx
(11)	Bala Murugan		balamurugan@xxxxxxxxx
(12)	M.E.Govarthanan		megovarthanan@xxxxxxxxx

Please send any additions/corrections to the list.


-- Vipul Mathur
  <vipul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>  (O,O)    http://www.vipul.f2s.com/
    <vipul@xxxxxxxxxx>     (   )  The Geek shall inherit the Earth

The world is moving so fast these days that the man who says it can't be
done is generally interrupted by someone doing it.
		-- E. Hubbard