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how to config. midi module

Hi guys,
just help me out on this one.
i have a CMI 8738 PCI sound card.
the cmpci module(apparently the sound card driver) was already there in RHL 7
the sound card works perfectly under linux, I can listen to mp3's (in xmms, or mpg123) or watch mpegs with audio(with gtv player or plaympeg) but I just cant hear midi files (with playmidi)
it says /dev/sequencer - no such device.
although the /dev entry exists. major 14 minor 1.
i tried changing it to major 14 and minor 1 thru 50.
but non of it seems to work.
tell me what to do.
the midi files work perfectly under windoze.
thanx in advance.
saurabh nanda

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