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Looking for people with Netware / Oracle skills

Looking for people with Netware / Oracle skills

Please contact us.

Prithu Nath

NewTech Solutions
D-35, Gulmohar Park
New Delhi - 110 049, India
Tel : +91-11-6523281 ; 6518102
Fax: +91-11-6518102

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Subject: Re: [linux-delhi] Dial-up server

Thanx for ur help ... i am going thru th e man pages ... but i don't plan to
setup a commercial one ... just one small experimental setup ... however any
pointers on scripts wud definately help.

Thanx again.

Goldwyn :o)

Kunal Walia wrote:

> Well just to be a bit more clear.....u can have one phone line but u need
> than one channel on the same no....

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