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RE: Dial-up server

Try playing around with some sort of VPN and try using something like PPTP or 
the like....its a kewl challenge. I implemented it last summer to help enable 
dialing into my server at school by bypassing the main network of my school 
thus enabling me to work with all the sockets unlike if I go through my Main 
Network !

>===== Original Message From linux-delhi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx =====
>Thanx for ur help ... i am going thru th e man pages ... but i don't plan to
>setup a commercial one ... just one small experimental setup ... however any 
>pointers on scripts wud definately help.
>Thanx again.
>Goldwyn :o)
>Kunal Walia wrote:
>> Well just to be a bit more clear.....u can have one phone line but u need 
>> than one channel on the same no....
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- Kunal

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