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RE: Dial-up server

Well for starters you would need more than one incoming phone line and a 
modem.....to enable more than one dial-in connection.....and you needn't 
install ne new software....you can just enable PPP dial-up through 
LinuxConf....simple enough.....and you need to have a net connection of your 
own  through a seperate NIC :-)

>===== Original Message From linux-delhi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx =====
>I want to setup a small ISP, where people can dial-in using a modem and log 
>the net.
>What softwares I need to install to make it a dial-up server? and an ISP?
>I tried freshmeat.net but i guess my search string was'nt that good.
>Goldwyn :o)
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- Kunal

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