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what is this???

Someone sent you a uuencoded file in the message.  Save the message in
(say) /tmp/msg and then run: uuedcode /tmp/msg.  You will get
allin.htm in your current directory.


-- Raju

>>>>> "Saurabh" == metalmaniac  <metalmaniac@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Saurabh> hi there, any body out there, who can tell me what's
    Saurabh> heppening.  i got a mail from someone at hotmail,
    Saurabh> addressed to pparently the same person at yahoo. i tried
    Saurabh> replying at both the addresses and none exist.  at the
    Saurabh> end of the mail i recd at my rediff a/c(strangely though
    Saurabh> as it wasn't addressed to me) there was this vague thing
    Saurabh> begin 600 allin.htm
    Saurabh> M/&AT;6P^#0H-"CQH96%D/@T*/&UE=&$@:'1T<"UE<75I=CTB0V]N=&5N="U,
    Saurabh> M86YG=6%G92(@8V]N=&5N=#TB96XM=7,B/@T*/&UE=&$@:'1T<"UE<75I=CTB
    Saurabh> M0V]N=&5N="U4>7!E(B!C;VYT96YT/2)T97AT+VAT;6P[(&-H87)S970]=VEN
    Saurabh> M9&]W<RTQ,C4R(CX-"CQM971A(&YA;64](D=%3D52051/4B(@8V]N=&5N=#TB
    Saurabh> M36EC<F]S;V9T($9R;VYT4&%G92`T+C`B/@T*/&UE=&$@;F%M93TB4')O9TED
    Saurabh> M(B!C;VYT96YT/2)&<F]N=%!A9V4N161I=&]R+D1O8W5M96YT(CX-"CQT:71L
    Saurabh> M93Y!;&P@26X@364@9G)O;2!!;6)I:V$\+W1I=&QE/@T*/"]H96%D/@T*#0H\
    Saurabh> M8F]D>3X-"@T*/'`@86QI9VX](F-E;G1E<B(^/&$@:')E9CTB:'1T<#HO+W=W
    Saurabh> M=RYG96]C:71I97,N8V]M+V%M8FEK86=H86DO86QL:6YM92YH=&TB/CQF;VYT
    Saurabh> M(&9A8V4](DEM<&%C="(@<VEZ93TB-B(@8V]L;W(](B,U0D$T.$,B/D-L:6-K
    Saurabh> M#0I(97)E('LF;'0[06QL($EN($UE)F=T.WU->2!.97<@4&]E;3PO9F]N=#X\
    Saurabh> ?+V$^/"]P/@T*#0H\+V)O9'D^#0H-"CPO:'1M;#X-"G<@ ` end

    Saurabh> can anyone tell me what this is.  i would really be
    Saurabh> thankful.  thanx saurabh
Raju Mathur          raju@xxxxxxxxxxxxx           http://kandalaya.org/