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Re: Increase / partition size

On Fri, Jun 01, 2001 at 12:31:37PM +0000, vinod abraham wrote:
>Dear All,
>   I want to increase the '/' partion size in my working system.
>i find
>  /dev/hda5  /       93%
>  /dev/hda6  /home   23%
>  so that i shift some space from /home to / partition.
If you have free space on your hdd 
why not make a partition say /dev/hda7
and mount it as /var or some dir that takes 

obiviously, you'll need to copy everything on the 
new partition first then u can rmv it frm / and mount /var
may be a little tricky.
but may work

>Is it possible.
>If so how?
>Thanx  and   regards,
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