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Re: A thought -- Links

Hi Chandresh,

Thanks a lot for the links.

Now that there are so many, can I also request you to send me a
complete page with the links, arranged by category?

In case you hadn't noticed, you just got labelled ``Linux-Delhi Links
Page Maintainer'' :-)


-- Raju

>>>>> "Chandresh" == Chandresh Pant <chpant@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Chandresh> Raju Jee Here are few of those links, which I found
    Chandresh> useful.  I'll keep sending them as I found more. I
    Chandresh> guess you'll found these links useful.

    Chandresh> http://www.devshed.com/ The open Source Web-
    Chandresh> Development Site

    Chandresh> http://www.gtcdrom.com/ The largest Distributor for
    Chandresh> Linux & Open Source Products

    Chandresh>                                 in India.

    Chandresh> http://matrix.linux-help.org/ Linux Help and tutorials

    Chandresh> http://www.linuxdoc.org/ Linux Documentation Project

    Chandresh> http://gtk.themes.org/ Themes

    Chandresh> http://www.linuxheadquarters.com/ Tutorials

    Chandresh> http://www.kernel.org/ The Linux Kernel Archives

    Chandresh> http://www.linuxplanet.com/linuxplanet/

    Chandresh> http://www.linuxguru.com/

    Chandresh> http://www.linux.ie/

    Chandresh> http://www.littleigloo.org/

    Chandresh> http://www.infobase.informit.com/linux/

    Chandresh> http://www.croftj.net/~jam/index.html (The Ultimate
    Chandresh> Guide On Linux For Beginners)

    Chandresh> http://counter.li.org/ (Linux Counter Home Page)

    Chandresh> http://www.mysql.com/

    Chandresh> http://www.php.net

    Chandresh> http://www.fsf.org/ (GNU Project)

    Chandresh> I also have these bookmarks at linux.chandresh.org and
    Chandresh> http://www.geocities.com/chpant/linux.html

    Chandresh> --- Raju Mathur <raju@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
    >> Hi Chandresh,
    >> Send them :)
    >> Regards,
    >> -- Raju -- Raju Mathur raju@xxxxxxxxxxxxx http://kandalaya.org/

    Chandresh> Regards

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