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Re: lnx2.4.4 compiling probs!


  read /usr/src/linux/Documentation/Changes
and update ur mc as per mentioned in this file
and never forget to update modutils to ver 2.4
cuz the tree structure of /lib/modules/2.4.x is entirely differnent from 2.2.x
and u also need to upgrade e2fsprogs to ver 1.19
util-linux to ver 2.10o,ppp-2.40,binutils etc
and when u will try to upgrade e2fsprogs it will ask u for glibc2.2 or higher
so there r many dependencies
when u complete these
then only ur new kernel will work properly

then as usaual config us kernel by make config/menuconfig/ xconfig

try to compile most components as module and not in kernel this makes kernel size smaller

then run "make modules" is u have chosen modules while config
then run "make modules_install"

then i think u must be running make bzImage or
u can also run "make install"
it creates /bool/vmlinuz
its symbolic link  to vmlinuz-2.4.x in boot dir and ur old image is safe as /boot/vmlinuz-2.2.x

u just change ur /etc/lilo.conf
for new image

and run /sbin/lilo to install lilo with new configuration


On Sun, 03 Jun 2001 17:37:16  
 vinod abraham wrote:
>i was trying compiling lnx2.4.4 and observed the following probs:
>"make bzlilo"" gives
>../../gcc/toplev.c:1438 : Internal compile error in function fata_insn
>cpp: output pipe has been closed
>make[3]: ** [super.o] error1
>leaving dir /home/src/linux/fs/ext2
>Note:  As less space in /usr i have loaded tar in /home/src and given ls 
>(sym link) to /usr/src.
>pls help.
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