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Localhost problem- help!!help!!

guys you are not going to beleive this....

i have all this problem with accessing the swat service and accessing
other hosts by name (read the mails below if u want a bkground). i
switch off my pc and go home leaving it that way. and the next day i
dont switch on till afternoon and when i do, lo behold, i see the
x-login box saying "welcome to dreamland.mydomainname". /etc/hosts has
absolutely no entries, not even the word dreamland. neither does
linuxconf or any other conf file for that matter. so where the does that
name came from???

how does my pc knows that its name is to be dreamland. Ok dremland is my
pc's name on the windows n/w (yes the netbios name). but how on earth
did linux know that?? and how did it knew that it belonged to
mydoaminname?? and why didnt it detect that earlier??

what am i missing?? Please, Please enlighten me!!!

Linux gurus i really need your help here....

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Subject: Re: [linux-delhi] Localhost problem!!

Get your hosts file in etc right for local host most dists i have seen
with some crap unformatted file

so just try this it worked fine and do check out whether apached is
or not

/etc/hosts  localhost   whatEverHostNameYouHave    localhost.localdomain

99.9999% it will work

Puneet Parashar wrote:

> Hi everyone!!
> i tried all three but it still doent work!!
> there's one point i wish to be clear upon.
> when the system boots up the Ethernet card (or the NIC) detects the IP
> address assigned to it BEFORE it knows whatever hostname is assigned
> it. am i correct??
> what i am trying to understand is that /etc/hosts
> a) provides the machine with the corresponding IP addresses of various
> hosts which may be refernced from time to time
> OR
> b) provides the hostname for a given IP address
> OR
> c) Both a & b
> this is getting a bit confusing for me now.
> If I change the hostname from localhost.localdomain (which has an
> localhost) to say "ABC" while retaining the alias as "localhost" would
> still be able to reference the machine as localhost or would i need to
> look for "ABC" on my N/W. This is important to me as when i try to
> access the swat or http/https service running on my machine from some
> other machine say "M" i cant say http://localhost:80 or
> http://localhost:901 or https://localhost:443. For all i know or
> dont know, that machine M might itself be running a web server (or
> the same web server) and then which one gets accessed??
> I am sorry if i am confusing anyone but i really need a hand with this
> jumbled up problem.
> Thanx to evryone in advance (especially vava and yashpal)
> Regds,
> Puneet
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> Sent: Wednesday, May 30, 2001 12:51 PM
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> Subject: Re: [linux-delhi] Localhost problem!!
> a lot of things could go wrong here..
> i'll list a few
> firstly ofcourse asyou said,
> 1. try putting localhost in your /etc/hosts file. andyou are
> right, you are browsing a service on your computer (swat that is..)
> so
> you neednt have the internet connection at this point of time...
> 2. maybe your swat is not enabled... open /etc/xinetd.d/swat and put
> "disable=no". you could then restart xinetd... but then, the easier
> out
> ofcourse is restart the machine... (yeah i know its the wrong to
> but
> we should get one thing right at one time...;)
> (xinetd would be on your system, if you have RH7.x or greater...
> versions have inetd as explained by another response to your
> 3. one more point that i can remember is that its port 901... so you
> need to
> give http://localhost:901/ in your browser.. "along with the port
> number...
> try these out...
> it should work.
> vavi
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> Subject: [linux-delhi] Localhost problem!!
> Hi everyone!
> I have RedHat7.0 with samba installed. But when i try to start up swat
> or enter the text: http://localhost into the Netscape address bar i
> receive the following response (rather an error message):
> " Netscape is unable to locate the server keyword.netscape.com. Please
> check the server name and try again."
> Also received with this is another message in the background:
> " Warning: the following hosts are unknown:
> home.netscape.com
> home6.netscape.com
> internic.net
> This means that some or all the hosts will be unreachable.
> Perhaps there is a problem with your name server?
> If your site must use a non-root name server you will need to set the
> $SOCKS_NS environment variable to point at the appropriate name
> It may (or may not) be neccessary to set this variable, or the SOCKS
> host preference to the IP address of the host in question rather than
> its name.
> Consult your system administrator."
> (*My guess is that Netscape is unable to resolve the hostname to IP
> address.)
> Please note that i am able to access our intranet sites allright. Also
> the preferences are set to: "direct connection to the internet"
> i dont have a direct connection to the net). I dont think this would
> affect the localhost refernces. am i correct??
> Please help me as i still a novice to LINUX.
> Regds,
> Puneet
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