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Server change


I've shifted the linux-delhi.org site to a VSNL server located in
Delhi.  You should be able to access it much faster now.

I've migrated mail addresses to the new server.  Passwords remain
unchanged, but give me a shout at 9811066460 if you face problems.

You can manage your own e-mail account now by logging in to
http://linux-delhi.org/menu/ and using your e-mail ID and password for

The change may take some time to propagate through nameservers
everywhere.  I'll take the remaining mailboxes from the US (old)
server and dump them onto the new one tomorrow evening, by which time
I hope that the change would have completed.  In the meantime, you can
still access the old mailboxes by using the old IP address:

If your e-mail ID is XYZ, please access your mail from the new server
using the user-ID:


You HAVE to append ``!domain'' to your user ID in the new server.
Please inform anyone you know who has an account at linux-delhi.org
about this change.


-- Raju
Raju Mathur          raju@xxxxxxxxxxxxx           http://kandalaya.org/