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Re: Localhost problem!!

Get your hosts file in etc right for local host most dists i have seen
with some crap unformatted file

so just try this it worked fine and do check out whether apached is
or not

/etc/hosts  localhost   whatEverHostNameYouHave    localhost.localdomain

99.9999% it will work

Puneet Parashar wrote:

> Hi everyone!!
> i tried all three but it still doent work!!
> there's one point i wish to be clear upon.
> when the system boots up the Ethernet card (or the NIC) detects the IP
> address assigned to it BEFORE it knows whatever hostname is assigned to
> it. am i correct??
> what i am trying to understand is that /etc/hosts
> a) provides the machine with the corresponding IP addresses of various
> hosts which may be refernced from time to time
> OR
> b) provides the hostname for a given IP address
> OR
> c) Both a & b
> this is getting a bit confusing for me now.
> If I change the hostname from localhost.localdomain (which has an alias
> localhost) to say "ABC" while retaining the alias as "localhost" would i
> still be able to reference the machine as localhost or would i need to
> look for "ABC" on my N/W. This is important to me as when i try to
> access the swat or http/https service running on my machine from some
> other machine say "M" i cant say http://localhost:80 or
> http://localhost:901 or https://localhost:443. For all i know or rather
> dont know, that machine M might itself be running a web server (or even
> the same web server) and then which one gets accessed??
> I am sorry if i am confusing anyone but i really need a hand with this
> jumbled up problem.
> Thanx to evryone in advance (especially vava and yashpal)
> Regds,
> Puneet
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> Subject: Re: [linux-delhi] Localhost problem!!
> a lot of things could go wrong here..
> i'll list a few
> firstly ofcourse asyou said,
> 1. try putting localhost in your /etc/hosts file. andyou are
> right, you are browsing a service on your computer (swat that is..) and
> so
> you neednt have the internet connection at this point of time...
> 2. maybe your swat is not enabled... open /etc/xinetd.d/swat and put
> "disable=no". you could then restart xinetd... but then, the easier way
> out
> ofcourse is restart the machine... (yeah i know its the wrong to learn..
> but
> we should get one thing right at one time...;)
> (xinetd would be on your system, if you have RH7.x or greater... earlier
> versions have inetd as explained by another response to your request..)
> 3. one more point that i can remember is that its port 901... so you
> need to
> give http://localhost:901/ in your browser.. "along with the port
> number...
> try these out...
> it should work.
> vavi
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> Subject: [linux-delhi] Localhost problem!!
> Hi everyone!
> I have RedHat7.0 with samba installed. But when i try to start up swat
> or enter the text: http://localhost into the Netscape address bar i
> receive the following response (rather an error message):
> " Netscape is unable to locate the server keyword.netscape.com. Please
> check the server name and try again."
> Also received with this is another message in the background:
> " Warning: the following hosts are unknown:
> home.netscape.com
> home6.netscape.com
> internic.net
> This means that some or all the hosts will be unreachable.
> Perhaps there is a problem with your name server?
> If your site must use a non-root name server you will need to set the
> $SOCKS_NS environment variable to point at the appropriate name server.
> It may (or may not) be neccessary to set this variable, or the SOCKS
> host preference to the IP address of the host in question rather than
> its name.
> Consult your system administrator."
> (*My guess is that Netscape is unable to resolve the hostname to IP
> address.)
> Please note that i am able to access our intranet sites allright. Also
> the preferences are set to: "direct connection to the internet" (though
> i dont have a direct connection to the net). I dont think this would
> affect the localhost refernces. am i correct??
> Please help me as i still a novice to LINUX.
> Regds,
> Puneet
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