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Re: [Unable to login]

Hi yashpal
Well, this is interesting. I never encountered such a problem.
But I do remmber, once I was booting a RedHat 7.0  Machine with the book disk
of RedHat 6.2. In that situation, first it gave the mesage 'kernel panic'
unable to mount root system', which is quite obvious. But once it gave the
same scene as u telling. But I think that case doe not belong to your case. if
you find the solution, do tell me


"Yashpal  Nagar" <nagar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
  I am using RH 6.2 as the GW machines with squid and IPCHAINS as the
firewall. Some times i am unable to login in the system when i gives the login
name it even does't ask the passwd, again gets refreshed and asks the login
But after rebooting the problem get solved. without any prob i am able to get
in from any console.
have anybody faced such kinda of prob ?

please help

Thanks & regards

Yashpal Nagar

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