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Re: Re: SOlaRiS eIgHT VIiI

i know that its free to download but solaris disc ( 1 install + 2 software disk = 3 disks of 800MB approx)

i have registered for downloading solaris from sun but now how can i try to download 800MB over ordinary phone line.
i don't have Cable net / DSL / ISDN Line.

could anybody lend me the disks for a day.
contact me at saketd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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"rahul" <rahul_bhatia@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
From:"rahul" <rahul_bhatia@xxxxxxxx>
Date:Mon, 28 May 2001 01:00:04 +0530
Subject: Re: [linux-delhi] SOlaRiS  eIgHT VIiI

hello raju ,
if u wanna have a solaris . A good news for u , U can download from the
OffIcIal sITe of ThE Solaris ,i.e wWw.sUn.com , u will get all the downloads
in there solaris for Intel , & others i.e for sun machines . It is of round
abut 650 + data and few more things a part of this and u will be needing to
create 2 cd's for this. ok champ bye
hope u will get that or then u can mail me back at rahul_bhatia@xxxxxxxx

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