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Re: Red Hat Certification

Hi Ashok,
            contact "jaishankar" at parivar apts.he will tell u everything about linux system administration.hi hi hi.........

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My name is Ashok!

Though I am pretty new to Linux I am extremely

in Linux System Administration!

I am familiar with the Linux end-user concepts and
some System Administration concepts!

My motive is to clear the RHCE exam!

Can you please guide me how I should go about it?

I have already purchased some books and started

Is there any book in particular that I should read.

I am sorry to have disturbed you but I feel that
nobody except you guys

can give me an intelligent opinion on how exactly to
go about it!

I tried to find out about the prometric centers for
giving the exam!

I think there is one in Bombay!

But I want to be very sure of the concepts before I
can actually appear for the exam!
But a few minutes from you can help me shape my

Please Help!!


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