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Re: [Commercial] Linux Administrator opening


I am a post graduate in Computer Science having 4 yrs. experience in the
industry. I am currently employed with an ISP in India working as Head
Emerging Technologies.I have very good exposure to Linux/Radius/DNS
Bind/EXIM mail server/POP/SMTP/Apache/tomcat/PERL/PHP/ Shell script. Right
now I am concentrating developments on wireless technology (SMS/ GSM,VoIP).

Please consider my resume of openings avaible.

Thanks and regards,

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Subject: [linux-delhi] [Commercial] Linux Administrator opening

An IT enabled Company in noida is looking for a Linux Administrator. The
Company is into on and offlicne recruitmeent worldwide and call centre
With experience in  the following -
1. Apache Web Server
2. Proxy Cache Server (Squid)
3. Mail Server (Sendmail/QMail)
4. Samba Server
5. Knowledge in Develpoment (PHP with MySQL or any server side scripting).

With 1-3 years experience in the relevant fields. Salary Negotiable.
Apply immediately by e-mail

Beryl Godinho
Manager Recruitment
The Mind Bank
A-20 Sector 2


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