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Re: [ADMIN] Suspended list subscriptions

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From: "ankur arora" <terminus@xxxxxxxx>
To: <linux-delhi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Saturday, May 19, 2001 4:52 PM
Subject: Re: [linux-delhi] [ADMIN] Suspended list subscriptions

> On Wed, May 16, 2001 at 08:20:36AM +0530, Amit Soni wrote:
> > Have u read the complete thread Mr. Ankur ?
> > Please do so....I insist ! <showing two fingers ready to poke into
> > eyes>
> > But ofcoz i  believe  in democracy too <bringing the fingers closer to
> > ankur>
> >
> Now, now kid don't get offensive. I wouldn't want to get
> into a flame war with some kid who doesn't know how to filter
> out an email.
> ankur

I wasnt offensive. PERIOD.
It was a reflex action of a rude statement of an **OLD** man.

look old man, It not about just me....lets see..how many ppl..on this list
know about this filter thing.
and how many are accessing this list from a windows client(outlook exp).
 If your age permitted you to learn small tricks of the trade,
doesnt mean everyone..is as **OLD** and experienced as you.
I dont say I dont wanna learn or dont respect wat u have learnt. But I learn
them my way.

And filtering could be considered another alternative...It doesnt mean I
will do wat u tell me,
and me being the "kid" i am not allowed to suggest another and perhaps the
better way.
I just put forward a suggestion and u throw my viewpoint out of the
window..without even reading what i said...

Its not just a flame war. <fingers still closing in at ankur>

grow up old man. aaah...or was that ur line ?

chao !

An old man's words arent pearls of wisdom.....unless they are actually wise.