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Re: [ADMIN] Suspended list subscriptions

I'll definitely stop sending these messages to the list if more than
half the members feel that they're worthless/a nuisance.  Linux-Delhi
isn't a dictatorship, you know? :-)


-- Raju

>>>>> "Amit" == Amit Soni <amitsoni@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Amit> aaarrrgh !  These messages are really becoming a
    Amit> nuisance....  cant u ask all the members to provide a second
    Amit> mail address...if they have one..  so you could inform them
    Amit> on that address....instead of here !  I mean email addresses
    Amit> are mostly free....everyone could afford a spare one...u
    Amit> know ? :o)

    Amit> chao !  Amit.  ----- Original Message ----- From: "Raju
    Amit> Mathur" <raju@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> To:
    Amit> <linux-delhi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> Sent: Friday, May 18,
    Amit> 2001 4:38 AM Subject: [linux-delhi] [ADMIN] Suspended list
    Amit> subscriptions

    >> Suspended the following addresses for a week due to bounces:
    >> yash_dayal@xxxxxxxxx
Raju Mathur          raju@xxxxxxxxxxxxx           http://kandalaya.org/