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Re: Sarai Newsletter 02

Saumya Gupta wrote:
> The CODE conference took place at Queen's College in Cambridge from
> the 4th to the 6th of April, 2001, and the people speaking in it
> ranged from Richard Stallman (founder of the Free Software
> Foundation), Bruce Perens (author of the Debian Social Contract), Tim
> Hubbard (of the Human Genome Project) to Marilyn Strathern
> (anthropologist), Rishabh Aiyer Ghosh (Economist), Geert Lovink
> (Media Theorist) and Drazen Pantic (founder of OpenNet) amongst
> others.
> ..
> ..
> ..
> .. 
> Webcast of audio recordings of the conference proceedings available at
> http://www.ArtsOnline.com/


I read with lots of interest this newsletter. (I don't know how I got
subscribed to it, but I like it and would like to continue with the
subscription). It's great to have such a group in a place like India. I have
always felt that the Free Software movement should have stregthened more in
India, but unfortunately, it has not recieved wide aclaim among the
"developers", though there millions of users of Free Software (though they
don't really know that they are using Free Software) in India now. 

I have a suggestion. If you can contact the artsOnline people, please ask them
to put the webcast recordings of the CODE conference proceedings in Ogg format
(see http://www.xiph.org/ogg/ for details) which is a patent free format. It's
a paradox that users require the non-free ("free" as in freedom not in price)
real player to hear the webcast about Free Software!!!    

Ramakrishnan M
Work: http://www.ti.com/          Play: http://www.symonds.net/~rkrishnan/
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