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On Fri, May 04, 2001 at 03:11:43PM +0530, Vineet Ahuja wrote:
>	Hi guys, 
>	can anyone tell me the difference b/w PCI,SCSI & IDE etc.
Peripheral Component Interconnect

SCSI /n./  [Small Computer System Interface] A bus-independent
standard for system-level interfacing between a computer and
intelligent devices.  Typically annotated in literature with
`sexy' (/sek'see/), `sissy' (/sis'ee/), and `scuzzy'	     
(/skuh'zee/) as pronunciation guides -- the last being the
overwhelmingly predominant form, much to the dismay of the
designers and their marketing people.  One can usually assume that
a person who pronounces it /S-C-S-I/ is clueless.

Integrated Drive Electronics

>	I'm confused in al this, or just sgest some book or site where i can
>have detailed information about these??
>	Thx
>	Vineet
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